Problem with openSuse Updater

It’s probably something new because up to now I could always install 11.0 without problem.
But now after the reboot when I launch the updater, after having given my root pswd I am told the following:

kdesu(7461)/kdesu (kdelibs) KDESu::KDEsuClient::command:[/usr/src/packages/BUILD/kdelibs-4.0.4/kdesu/clientcpp:196] non reply from daemon

My system is 64 bits.

Please, help me ?

Looks like there may have been an issue with the server. It’s usually best to use the oss, non-oss, and updates repo’s on a mirror, rather than the openSUSE master server.

Otherwise, looks like you installed KDE 4.0. It is unstable. If you want to continue to use KDE 4, you really should update to 4.1.x. There is a one-click install on the openSUSE/KDE repo page; be certain you are using 4.1 Factory Development (that is, not Stable or Unstable).