Problem with openSUSE Installer on SONY laptop

I have a SONY PCG-R505TE laptop with an external CD/DVD, it connects via what I think is a PCMCIA card, the drive came with the laptop and functions fine. I currently have Windows XP running on this laptop, but it’s very slow.

I downloaded openSUSE-11.3-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso and sucessfully burned it to a CD.

I have the laptop bios set to boot from CD, and it appears to be doing that no problem. When it boots I first see the welcome screen, then the openSUSE Installer, whether I select the Live (GNOME) option, or the Installation… it loads the kernel, and then loads the KIWI boot system
it is on the third event, waiting for CD/DVD dvices to appear… that something seems to fail… I then see Failed to detect CD/DVD or USB drive
then a rebootexception and it reboots in 120 seconds…


Have you done the media check in the CD menu?

You could have a bad burn or download.

Selected the option labeled: Check Installation Media… the first thing that happens it is says “Loading Linux Kernel”… so bascially executing the same thing that the other menu option did… same failure/messages… so apparently anything I select from this menu first requires that the kernel loads… which is where the error is occuring. I burned this at the slowest possible speed…

Ugh. I tried puppy linux too… couldnt get that to work either… maybe I’m just stuck in Windows.