Problem with OpenSuse 12.1 gnome and Lenovo R61i UltraNav


I’ve installed 12.1 yesterday and it seems to be the first system which handles my LenovoR61i UltraNav as two distict mouses:

  • When I use the touchpad, then I can klick, hold and move objects with the mouse keys at the front of the laptop.
  • When I use the mouse stick in the middle of the keyboard then I have to use the other mouse keys to move scroll bars.
  • When I use the other mouse keys then the key is released as soon as I press the wrong mouse keys.
  • The last Mandriva I have installed did not show this problem.

I am normally using a combination of both input methods (i.e. mouse stick and the “wrong” keys). How can I set up opensuse to use both as a unique input device?
I’ve tried to run sax3 but it does not run at all.