problem with one click install of kinternet-0.75-306.1.i586.rpm

Why does it take almost 700 MB of automatic changes when trying to one-click install qinternet (223 KB?) I Got to the forum to ask this question by using rcsmpppd and then wvdial. Those programs are ok but they provide no progress bar/speed meter.

Also does anyone know why qinternet was dropped from the 11.4 - KDE distro? What a pain for us poor old 56K modem bound souls here in the sticks of Texas!

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problem with one click install of kinternet-0.75-306.1.i586.rpm

Try to install it in terminal

# zypper install kinternet-0.75-306.1.i586.rpm

Here the website RPM Search OpenSuSE kinternet-0.75-306.1.i586.rpm

I think he meant qinternet, not kinternet as title suggests (and that it was not included as part of the openSUSE-KDE DVD install).

Sorry but he must correct his title.
Then in zypper write correct url

webpage RPM Search OpenSuSE qinternet-0.75_git200804251643-3.1.i586.rpm

Sorry but he must correct his title.
Then in zypper write correct url

His problem was not how to install it, but why it wasn’t included on the KDE DVD. (However, I’m pretty sure it would be on the (full) 4.7GB DVD).

If qnetwork is somewhere in the repositories when doing the install, it’s simple to avoid the massive downloads…

During the install (IIRC Stage 2 after the reboot), the Installer will select software packages for initial install. If you include packages like qnetwork at this point then all package dependencies will be downloaded at this point. If you <know> you won’t be using the default network installer at this point, you can de-select it, too.

Especially if you’re installing or upgrading over dialup, you can further tune your install de-selecting everything you deem non-essential and likely wouldn’t ever use (eg games, some multimedia players, etc).


You are correct about the title I was looking for Qinternet (C,Q, or Kinternet) I don’t care which one! Whatever works.
You are also correct in that my real problem was that Q/Kinternet was not included in the disk, (kde-live, gnome-live, or DVD-install.) Being a 56k dial-up user, I learned long ago to go ahead and purchase the disks. When I tried doing a 11.3 to 11.4 upgrade the first time, I was left in a black screen and no way out. In order to get the proper driver, I needed to download one from the nvidia site. End result was that I had to learn and run rcsmppd and wvdial so that I could get on and get qinternet. A long sad story with alot of detail left out so that I could make the point that there are still some of us out there that need landline programs.

Anyway thanks for your comments.


Be carefull with drivers.

Maybe if not already somehow the nVidia repository should be a “one click” add during the install. I wonder if it’s possible? Maybe during Stage 2 install updates, can repositories be added? It can certainly be added manually but who’d think of it on their own beore and during the initial install?

Steps to add the nVidia repository
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