Problem with Okular opening pdf's

I’m having some strange issues with Okular and I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing or possibly has a fix. Whenever I open a pdf, the first time I open it, the view would be very small giving me a window approx. 3 x 5 inches in size. If I close the file and open it again, I get a window that takes up my whole screen. Once again if I close the file and then reopen it, I’m back to the small view.

Any idea how to correct this? I already tried reinstalling the program without success.


sounds like a config issue, not the software itself

go here in your hidden user files


mine reads:



I don’t have your issues

I have had this on an arbitrary basis. I normally click full screen and carry on.

What I don’t understand is that if it was a config issue, why does it alternate between the two different views. I would think it would alway open the file the same way.

I’ll change my config to match yours to see if it helps.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing but it’s kinda a pain to have to do that.

It was just a thought. It’s the first place I would look “settings”

Another Ocular related issue - Can you print from Ocular?

I can’t, and I know others who have the same problem.

I’m not able to print as well.

I couldn’t print from Okular either. I figured it was a KDE 4 issue. I just installed KPDF and started using that.

I have the same problems with Okular installed in KDE 3.5.xx
No printing and every time launched have a tiny window that needs to be expanded.

Ended up removing and went back to KPDF

One thing that I’ve noticed with the problem of inconsistent window sizes is that if I have the compiz desktop effects running, the problem goes away.

Weird huh?

Compiz was actually screwing up window placement for Firefox. The window decoration was always off screen. I had to go into ccsm, select Window Decoration, and change the placement option to “smart”.