Problem with NVidia repository


I’m currently putting the finishing touches to my OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 KDE post-installation script:

There seems to be a (temporary) problem with the NVidia repository. Here’s what I get:

Warning: File 'repomd.xml' from repository 'nvidia' is signed with an unknown key 'F5113243C66B6EAE'

Just wanted to report this, since this breaks the automagic setup function.



NVidia for Linux is one of those technologies that has to be potty-trained from scratch every year. Year after year. For the last two decades.

Don’t these guys test their own repos and see that they’re broken on a regular basis ?


Not sure why just don’t use the hardway for initial and configure dkms as well as a time to check upstream for an updated run fine (part of the run file options)

Say again ?

Since you scripting the configuration, use the run file instead of rpms (hardway) then avoid the issue of out or date repositories… create a dkms file to rebuild the nvidia driver when it needs to be done, the run file has the update option so it will download and install etc. Script one part, script it all… :wink:

Also another thought since your using libdvdcss2, I don’t use the repository since the file changes once in a blue moon is just rebuild the src rpm locally and install.

Nah. :wink: