Problem with no sound.

I have upgraded to 12.3, and now Video on FireFox is not having sound coming through. I have checked all my sound settings and they are good and configured, but still no sound. I am assuming this is an Adobe Flash Video problem. I have the latest Flash 11.2. Anybody else having this problem???

Do you get sound with other applications ?

Do you have pulse audio enabled and if so can you confirm pulse audio is directing the audio from Firefox to the correct audio device ?

Can I help in any way to make it easier for you to test the above ?

** I can use any help, Please**

I recommend you install pavucontrol and follow the guidance I provided here in my blog:

I had to go back and setup the card, it recognized Alsa sound, but did not like pulse-audio. Now I can her video’s and music and use the microphone if need be.
Thank you for the help Old PC. Great talking to you again.

Glad to read its working again. Thankyou for sharing your solution.