Problem with new fglrx drivers for HD7670M card on openSUSE 12.3

Last days I am trying to empower fglrx drivers for my HD7670M graphic card and I finnaly did it.
But, I am afraid that in future with new versions of suse fglrx drivers will not work for my card.

The problem was next:
I installed this drivers from yast repo: fglrx64_xpic_SUSE123-12.104-3.x86_64.rpm 12-May-2013, and I have a lot of problems.
E.g. on login when I was typing username black dots would late (they shows up after few seconds), then letters in applications was dissapearing and etc.
Then I tried to revert fglrx to older version and I installed fglrx64_xpic_SUSE123-12.104-1.x86_64.rpm 29-Apr-2013 and everything works perfectly!

So my question is. Is it simply problem with new fglrx drivers, or a problem could be mix of X.Org, linux kernel version and new fglrx drivers?

I read from amd site requirements and I fulfilling them all.
Info of my suse 12.3:
kernel: 3.7.10-1.16-desktop X Server 1.13.2.
glibc: 2.17