Problem with net beans

I’m using gcc c/c++ compiler with net beans IDE and after I compile this message shows in the terminal

Uploaded with
since I’m new to linux I can understand this as much as I can understand russian :slight_smile:
so if anyone could help it would be great
note: this error doesn’t always occur sometimes it runs correctly

On 04/16/2011 02:06 PM, Scarnet wrote:
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it is really hard to tell for sure but it looks like a net beans
coding problem, and not an openSUSE/application fault…

of course, it is really hard to read the tiny print you provided…why
not copy paste the actual error to the better place to ask programming

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So said k428 in

this the error message printed
/home/“my user name”/netbeans-6.9.1/ide/bin/nativeexcution/ line 33: 28965 illegal instruction sh “${SHFILE}”
I don’t think think it’s a coding problem as it doesn’t always show that error even with the same code

I recommend that you install Code::Blocks with g++ and the dependencies.