Problem with mp3

Hi. I’m beginner of open suse 11.3. 64bit I cannot open mp3 files. Amarok is opening but it stops immediately.
It can be connected with the installation problem. During installations some respositories for mp3 etc was stopping at 50% and repeating the cycle. So I think it’s general problem, not Amarok. How can I fix that?I will be very, very greatful. Thanks

install fluendo (or gstreamer fluendo) package and try again, although im not sure if amarok uses it. Some players do.

Thanks a lot for quick answer. I cannot find those packages. Do I have to download? Which site?
Every time when I’m switiching on the Amarok, the question shows up - Install support for mp3? And I take yes. Than system looking for some packages, and trying to install and laways stops at 50% and than shows me the window (attached)
Please give some more precised tips…I’m beginner unfortunatelyfile
///home/Maciej/Documents/mp3 support.jpgv

Ok…I didn’t attached, o I will explain. So when I click yes - install support for mp3 system trying to install and stops at 50% and shows the widnow with CONFIGURED SOFTWARE REPOSITORIES (all enabled) - than I click OK///and everything starts again (stack at 50%).
Thanks in advance

I installed fluendo but it didn’t help…