Problem with mapping network drives


I am new to openSUSE. Coming from Ubuntu. I have installed Leap 42.2 on my office PC and trying to mount ntfs network drives graphically through pcmanfm on LXQT. I have 2 problem here:

1- pcmanfm doesn’t remember my user and password even when I choose “remember my password forever” and I have to type them for every login to my PC.
2- Mounting network drives is not dynamic. I can’t see files that recently added to network drives from my colleagues systems and I have to unmount and remount network drives to see the changes.

Any help would be appreciated and sorry for my english

You’re going to have to describe exactly how you are mounting your shares, PCManFM doesn’t have an auto mounting tool (or at least one I’ve noticed).

Also, some terminology needs to be clarified…
“Mapping a network share” is a MSWindows term, specifically related to assigning a drive letter to the share.
Since we don’t have the same kind of drive notation in Linux file systems, we don’t have this kind of “mapping network drives”

It’s likely you’ll need to post a detailed description of what you’re doing, and you should post a reference if you’re following a guide.