Problem with managing files on my hosted domain thru Dolphin

I ve got my own domain hosted on remote server. I access it thru Dolphin (connection made in Network tab of Dolphin, by clicking “Ad Network folder”, choosing ftp…). Everything was fine, everything worked (I can say - for the years and years) until today:

Now my problem is that I can not add new file in folder named “public_html” (where files and scripts for site are placed). When I try to create new script (right click -> create new file), after I named it, I got alert that file with that name already exists, although it does not exist. If I log in my host-user-account and create files thru web browser - everything works. But, using Dolphin - can not create.

What to do to get things back to be correct and to work properly? I think it is not necessary to explain you why I want to access server thru Dolphin - at least I can see it better.

Thank you for answering my questions.

Possible areas to check –

  1. The user and password Dolphin stored in KWallet – may have to either remove or rename the current KWallet entry and then reconnect via Dolphin to refresh the KWallet entry.
  2. Proxy settings.
  3. Did the remote Server change anything?
  1. In KWallet, I only have password for enter screen.
  2. Proxy Server is “Use System Proxy Settings”
  3. This is question. I did not ask my host. I will. Thank you for suggest.

This is what I can do: create file on Desktop, and then copy and paste it in host folder thru Dolphin.