Problem with kupdateapplet in 11.1

I installed (clean) openSUSE 11.1 a few weeks ago. Since then, every day when I startup I’ve gotten one of two situations:

  1. It says there’s updates and when I click on it, it opens a window that says it’s refreshing/checking and then when finished, says there’s no updates

  2. What it says in #1 AND it also has a window at the top of the screen that says there’s updates but is unclickable (even the link on it saying “More…”) and won’t go away unless I logout and log back in.

The same thing as #2 happened today and THEN, after I logged out and logged back in, the window at the top went away and the logo for the update applet changed to having new updates and for the FIRST time since I installed openSUSE 11.1 it said I had updates! 58 of them!

What could this issue be? This is the FIRST time I’ve actually gotten updates since I installed 11.1. With 11.0, I never had a problem, it always worked correctly.

Also, it’s now updating but unlike in 11.0, it has no info on what it’s doing. It just says updating…, no bubble popups and when I open the update window, it just has a progressbar with the blue part going back and forth - no info.