problem with korean fonts

Hi, everyone,
I’m running a suse11 with gnome, after installation I put my favorite font(***.ttf) into the system folder of fonts, and font of English is now changed, however the Korean fonts are still the origin, but this ***.ttf does contain the fonts of Korean, it worked in Ubuntu 8.04 I used to use.
Is there any problem with my configuration? How should I make things go right?
Many Thanks!

…and…I am so down to find that problem is even more serious in Openoffice…when I copy a korean passage from Internet to openoffice, it just show me lot of boxes…not readable at all!
What wrong? What should I do if I wanna use suse and openoffice with korean?

You probably need to update the font cache;

sudo fc-cache -f
sudo /sbin/SuSEconfig

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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