Problem with KeePassXC on 15.4

I upgraded all machines to 15.4 and now have a problem with KeePassXC that did not exist in openSUSE 15.3
In KeePassXC when I right click the entry with the data I want to pass to my browser and choose “perform autotype”, nothing happens. If I expand the “perform autotype” dropdown and choose “username-TAB-password”, I am prompted if I want to pass the data to the previous window (my browser). If I choose “yes”, my entire desktop, and likely the xserver, crashes. I am taken to my user login page, just as ctl>alt>backspace would do.
The only information I found in a sticky post concerned a bug with KeePassXC and firejail. I do not have firejail installed, so it seems not to be relevant. Are there new security protocols that KeePassXC may be violating that might cause a crash?
I have already filed a bug report at the guthub keepassxc bug reporting system.

openSUSE 15.4 KDE Plasma
KeePassXC 2.7.1
Apparmor, pulseausio, and pipewire were prohibited during install.


Thanks. I also filed a bug report with the package handlers at github. My report was marked as a duplicate of the bug which I’ll now post a link to. All of these bug reports have been marked as closed there, with the handler stating that if keepassxc triggers X to crash, then X has the bug that needs repair.

I downgraded keepassxc to 2.6.6 and the issue is no longer a problem.