Problem with KDM after installing Open Suse 11.1

i have installed OpenSuse 11.1 with kde 3.5
after the system install finished. the system goto text mode and get login and password?
why kdm was not start automaticaly?


There could be a lot of reasons. Enter your root password and then try :

rcxdm status

If it says it is unused then try:

rcxdm start.

If it starts that this means for some reason the xdm is not set to start in the current runlevel. You could also enter yast (text mode) and check what runlevels are set for xdm in System-System Services (Runlevel). Select xdm then check the Export mode. You will be able to see the selected runlevels for xdm.

If it doesnt start then check /var/log/messages to see what happends.
tail -f /var/log/messages
You can intrerupt viewing that log by pressing CTRL+C.

If all those doesnt help you then come back with more details.