Problem with kdialog (or it seems so)

Hi. I’ve been trying to use Root Actions Servicemenu :

Root Actions Servicemenu

, but only some features work.

I’m using Dolphin as a file manager. I copied to both /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin/ (with making sure it’s executable)

I don’t have “kde4” folder in ~/.kde/share, so I copied these two files into ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus (I had to create “ServiceMenus” folder)

What does work:

Normal user:


Root user :

-opening Terminal in certain folder
-changing ownership to Root or Normal user
-open as text option

What does not work:

Normal user:


Root user:

-“open with…” option (clicking it does nothing)
-copy option (does not ask for password, and pasting a file in root folders is grayed, so not possible)
-change name option (clicking does nothing)
-remove option (clicking does nothing)
-change priviliges option (clicking does nothing).

I emailed this to script’s author, and he said that
“A common thing with these options (that do not work for you), is that they all
use a dialog window to ask for additional information …so the likely culprit
for your issues is that the script can’t find the program used for showing the
dialogs (kdialog).”

and later:
“Thanks for the additional information. No immediately apparent cause for your
problems there, but I’ll try to work out the issues in the next non-
translation releases. (I’ll mail you back if the cause comes up in closer

So I still don’t know what to do. It seems like it’s a problem that affects only me, and noone else has. What’s wrong with my kdialog?

Sorry to waste your time here. The problem was really easy to solve on my own, i’m still wondering how couldn’t i have thought of it in the first place. I simply didn’t have kde4-kdialog package installed. I thought it must be already included in KDE4 by default!