Problem with K9copy

Trying to copy some DVDs and K9copy keeps crashing…but not on all DVDs. To check it wasn’t a fault with the DVD I opened up (for the first time in many months) windows XP and got DVDFab…and that copies it fine.

Is there a better DVD copier? running opensuse 12.2 on 64bit. Downloaded and installed 12.3 on my other machine but having wifi issues and that doesn’t even seem to recognise DVDs (but that’s not a 12.3 issue)



Did we try using Brasero(GNOME) or KDE(k3b) to create ISO’s from DVDs ?

Sorry I should have said I’m extracting the data off dvd films (vob files from the video_ts folders you get) not trying to create data files etc.

I’ve tried dvdshrink which seems to be working on the discs which aren’t working on k9copy but it’s not as easy to use in my opinion. I think dvdfab is the best I’ve tried but k9copy seems great… When it works.