Problem with K3B

I am experiencing problem with K3B and burning DVDs from an image file.
The files checks out ok before burning and the process goes well, but I can’t play it in my DVD player. Tried with different images, both in img and iso format.
Same image files I have burned on my previous system running Ubuntu 8.04 and then I had no trouble, but I didn’t use K3B then.
I have k3b-codecs installed.
Some package I have missed? I am using the KDE version of Opensuse 11

I produce .ISO files and burn them using K3B. So, I suspect that your
issue might be how you are creating the .ISO. In general, you want a
higher-level tool that knows how to produce a valid video-DVD format.
[K3B won’t care about ‘codecs’ at all with that approach…it won’t have
to distinguish whether the .ISO is a video or a Linux-distro.]

One such specific solution is to use DVD-Styler to produce the .ISO. More info here:
HOWTO Make a video DVD - LinuxReviews

Hope this helps…


it’s nothing with the files cause I can burn them with other software easy. It’s a standard DVD iso.

I have used K3B in past and had no trouble with it, but with this new OpenSuse 11 it’s all messed up somehow.
I tried upgrading K3B and burn at lower speed, but it still messed. No DVD player wanna play the burnt DVD. I play the iso-file through Kaffeine and show it. Commercial DVD works too
I’m lost on this issue