Problem with installing power-profiles-daemon for managing power profiles in KDE Plasma 6

Hello everyone! I am currently trying to set up power profile management in Plasma 6. When I got into the Power and Battery panel, it tells me I should install the “power-profiles-daemon”.

So I installed the package, and since TLP conflicts with the package, I opted to remove TLP. I then ran “systemctl enable --now power-profiles-daemon” to run the daemon. After checking “sudo systemctl status power-profiles-daemon” it seems to have exited with an error:

The Plasma Power and Battery panel is still telling me to install the package.

Since I couldn’t really find anything regarding this online and I also couldn’t find a helpful error message, I decided to make this post, hoping someone has dealt with this.

If you need me to provide any more information, please make sure to ask :slight_smile:
Thanks for any potential help!

See bugreport

Oh, I didn’t see that one; I thought I was doing something wrong.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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