Problem with installing drivers for NI USB-6008, kernel source not configured


I’m trying to install NI VISA and drivers for NI USB-6008 on OpenSUSE 11.2, so I’ve downloaded the appropriate ISOs with installation scripts. However, both need to build modules, and require configured kernel source.

Here’s the exact error message I got :

Checking required install tools...
Checking installer tool versions...
dpkg       Not found in current path
rpm        4.7.1 can be used with a default installation path
tar        1.21
Checking dependencies...
glibc      2.10.1
Unpacking install files to /tmp/nivisa-4.5.0f0.install...

******************************** ERROR ****************************************
* Kernel source in /lib/modules/ does not appear to be
* configured for the kernel.
* Configuration of kernel source is required to continue installation.        *
* Refer to the README file for the product you are installing for information *
* about configuring your kernel source.                                       *
******************************** ERROR ****************************************

Installer is aborted.

I’m not sure what I have to do here, I thought that if I install the kernel headers and source, the configuration file will match the configuration of my current kernel. What should I do?

Check in Yast and make sure all the version numbers are the same on the kernel packages and also the same flavor ie desktop, default, etc

Hi fingerprint211b,

Did you ever find a solution? I’m in the same boat (though with 11.3).


Me too! Did you found a solution?