Problem with installing ati drivers (faq cant help)

Recently I’d installed openSUSE 11.2, and i wanted to install ati drivers for my card(radeon x1950 pro). Like in faq(Installing ati drivers) i downloaded drivers, then installed packages i need. When Im typing

sh --buildpkg SuSE/SUSE111-IA32

im getting this message:

Generating package: SuSE/SUSE111-IA32
Package build failed!
Removing temporary directory: fqlrx-install.cMtMGx

Any clue what the problem is?

Ps. I have done everything as in FAQ

openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

Further to caf4926’s post, please look EXACTLY at this: ATI legacy drivers

Your x1950 pro hardware is considered legacy by ATI and it is not supported by the ATI proprietary driver for newer kernels (such as that on openSUSE-11.2). Unfortunately the open source radeon and radeonhd driver in openSUSE-11.2 were not the best, and the updates available in the Xorg : X11 repos are so cutting edge, I think they require a non-official newer kernel to work.

If the “radeon” open source driver that comes with 11.2 does not according work with your x1950 pro, then you could fall back to using the “vesa” driver for the time being.

We are not far (mid-July) from openSUSE-11.3 hitting the street, and it has superior radeon driver implementation. You could download the openSUSE-11.3 Milestone6 liveCD and test it to see how it works (but do NOT install it). If it works well, plan on installing 11.3 a month or two after 11.3 is released. Or if it does NOT work well, then write a bug report on 11.3 milestone-6.

You can find a link to openSUSE-11.3 milestone6 download here:

Thank you. I haven’t noticed this second threat about graphic cards. I think that opensource drivers radeonhd which were installed with system, work pretty well. I just thought that drivers from ati would work better. I didn’t know that ati stopped supporting linux.

But I think i still have a problem with compizconfig and desktop effects, when i try to enable them there’s window with this:

Desktop effects are not supported on your current hardware / configuration. Would you like to activate them anyway?

and when i hit yes, another yes for “Do you want to keep these settings?” everything goes black for a sec, for another sec I can move windows with effects, then its going black and everything back to normal, without desktop effects. It’s occurs when I use Simple CompizConfig manager. Is this linked with graphic drivers?

Either with Mesa, or Xorg software, or with the open source graphic driver.

Try openSUSE-11.3 M6 and see if it works better. If not, raise a bug report.