problem with installed Filezilla3


i have just download latest version of Filezilla and installed like this

vikal:~ # tar -xf /home/vikal/downloads/FileZilla_3.2.3.1_i586-linux-gnu.tar -C/opt

and then run like this

vikal:/opt # FileZilla3/bin/filezilla start

then there opens the window of filezilla

but when i entered correct username password and hostname

then filezilla show the following error

Status: Waiting to retry…
Status: Resolving address of
Status: Connection attempt failed with “EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known”.
Error: Could not connect to server

can anyone please tell me what is the problem

is the problem with installation or compilation or


waiting for your reply

best regards


Am I wrong, or are you doing this as root?


thanks for reply

yeah i am doing everything from root…

but yet no solution…since i have to upload lots of files

in my server using filezilla

is there any solution for this…

best regards


I think I saw a proper filezilla package for openSUSE in a 3rd party repository. Do a search at

What does the server run? If openSUSE as well, you wouldn’t need filezilla, you could use konqueror and the fish:// protocol (which in fact is based on ssh)
Example: fish://yourusername@yourserverIP:yoursshport
The user must exist on the server.

You can create networkfolders from ‘konqueror remote:/’