Problem with IDEACO touch screen driver due to embedded \x04 character.

This has been the bug hunt from hell and I think iIam close to fixing it but I am now in strange territory…

I have an MSI touch screen PC for a project. I loaded SUSE 13.1 Linux and everything works except the touch screen needs the calibration settings changing. But, no matter what I set nothing changes.

I listed the xinput devices using xinput “xinput list” and my touch screen controller is listed. It shows as “IDEACO IDC 6681”.

I then tried to check the properties using "xinput list-props “IDEACO IDC 6681” but was told "unable to find device IDEACO IDC 6681. This made no sense at all until I redirected the output from xinput list to a file. There is an EOT character (0x\4) after IDEACO. No wonder it didn’t find it!

Also, Xorg.log shows throws some errors against the device too with defaults being used instead of my device. Again the same problem with the name.

I then started looking at the device in /run/udev/data and saw entries with ID_VENDOR_ENC=IDEACO\x04\x20 So this is my problem for sure.

So, to fix this, all I need to find is where IDEACO\x04 is coming from and edit out the \x04. It’s probably a device/vendor database but I have no idea where that is or how it is maintained.

Anyone any ideas how I fix this?

David Goadby