Problem with HP laserjet M1120 MFP

Hi all
(due to a problem with the previous post title I’m forced to issue a new post)
I’m helping a friend of mine to move to opensuse from windows. All gone fine except the HP laserjet M1120 MFP that it is recognised correctly by HPLIP but it doesn’t print. Following the troubleshooting procedure I got the following messages:

              'D [23/Dec/2010:17:34:24 +0100] [Job 3] STATE: +hplip.plugin-error',
              'D [23/Dec/2010:17:34:24 +0100] cupsdMarkDirty(P-----)',
              'D [23/Dec/2010:17:34:24 +0100] [Job 3] prnt/hpcups/HPCupsFilter.cpp 413: m_Job initialization failed with error = 48STATE: +connecting-to-device',
              'D [23/Dec/2010:17:34:24 +0100] cupsdMarkDirty(-----S)',
              'D [23/Dec/2010:17:34:24 +0100] PID 7633 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpcups) stopped with status 1!',
              'D [23/Dec/2010:17:34:24 +0100] [Job 3] cups_print_chunked: xflip = 0, yflip = 0, height = 6756',

complying for a “48STATE: +connecting-to-device” error. The log file is very long and I hope to be able to snip the correct part.

Browsing the internet for reference to this error I found in the archlinux forums the following post:

calling for an error of the hp-plugin “script?” due to compatibility with python3
(reference is made to a bug report in fedora

At the moment I have no access to the machine I need some advice, do you thing this could apply to opensuse too?

I forgot to say that on my machine I still have only Opensuse 11.2, so no chance to test…
thanks for any help.