Problem with GTX750 graphic card setup.

I think there must be a simple configuration parameter to fix this problem, but I cannot find it.

The issue looks like a font problem, but it isn’t.


  1. Everything looks good at 1920x1080. Change display to 2560x1440, and it looks like the 1920 pixels were crudely scaled to the 2560. The other axis looks as though it scaled okay.
  2. Web-pages look to suffer the same problem, even the images.


  1. Fresh install of 13.2 openSuse (Also tried Ubuntu and Mint)
  2. Gigabyte GTX750Ti with Samsung SA850 monitor and duallink DVI-I cable. Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 with FX-8320 processor.
  3. Added proprietary nvidia driver after install. Immediately install, the EDID could not be read without the proprietary driver, so resolution was limit to 1280. Using the GR3 (version 340.76) version.

Using the grid on inkscape, at 1920x1080 the grid shows up as it is supposed to. At 2560x1440, some of the vertical grid lines look as though they are missing. But shift the window and they become visible. As well, take a sceenshot, and view the .png files on another computer, there are no missing lines. It’s as though the video memory has the information, but during the horizontal scan, the (graphics card or monitor) is interpolating between points. The monitor works okay on another computer with Displayport cable, but only have DVI outputs from this graphics card.

Any help would be great.

You may want to try the GO4 version of the driver. It should support the newer cards better

Just a quick update.

Connecting the graphics DVI-D-0 output to the monitor DVI IN 1 connection of the monitor finally gets to native 2560x1440 resolution. Is the DVI-I-1 output of the card limited by having the option to carry the analog signal? The monitor manual does not list any limitations of one DVI input over the other.

The driver has been moved up to G04, but that change itself did not fix the problem.

You would need to ask NVIDIA we did not make the card :open_mouth: