Problem with gspca_vc032x

After upgrading to suse 11.1 which has a new kernel which has the gspca webcam driver built-in, I was unable to boot my machine because it was hanging in some loop probing my webcam. The only solution I got so far is blacklisting the modules causing the boot problem.

I added following in /etc/modprobe.conf.local
blacklist gspca_vc032x
blacklist gspca_main
blacklist videodev

and my machine can boot again.
But of course i cannot use my webcam now.

(my webcam -> lsusb output -> Bus 005 Device 002: ID 046d:0892 Logitech, Inc. OrbiCam)

Upgrade the drivers by :

goto ~pinchartl/uvcvideo: Summary](
in the top of that page klick on GZ

this downloads a “uvcvideo-xxxxxxxxxxx.tar.gz” you have to extract witk ARK
to your home dir.
in the map with the same name containing your drivers do a “make”
and as su xxx-password make install
reboot your pc and your webcam will work
There are a lot of bugfixes after the release 11.1



Will try that later, i will post the result here