Problem with Graphics and Display (intel)

I just re-installed 12.1 kde. But it is having problems with display. Some times text is not visible. Tasbar disappears etc. I think it is problem with my graphics card drivers. My graphics card is intel 824xxx I think. Where can I find drivers for my card.

  1. It might be useful to know your exact graphics chipset and driver details
/sbin/lspci -nnk

Just post the entry pertaining to your graphics.

  1. Which desktop environment are you using? (Gnome 3, KDE 4, …)

  2. Do you have desktop effects enabled or disabled?

Intel drivers are part of the kernel, and Xorg supplies user-space components.

My drivers card as shown in windows is Intel Graphics Controller 82945G/GL/PE/GV

Thats nice.

It would be better to provide us what is shown by Linux, by typing :

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A2

… and posting here the output.

I have an oldish Intel graphics on my work PC. And it suffers from the problems that you describe. In fact, it suffers so badly as to be barely usable.

I should have put that in the past tense. Once I turned of Desktop Effects in KDE, it started behaving correctly.

If you have not already done so, I suggest disabling desktop effects.

I have a much newer Intel card on my laptop. That does not have any of those problem, though it does occasionally cause a system freeze. I turned off desktop effects there too, because I’m not an eye candy type of person.