Problem with graphics 12.1

Just upgraded to 12.1 and installed ATI drivers (fglrx) for current release for my Radeon HD4850 and it went without problems. I dont know why but something got messed up with graphics and I cant get smooth display - every web movie lags when turned to fullscreen, small non graphics intensive game called openttd got huge slow downs. This never happened to me with previous releases. Does anyone know what might be the reason for those slow downs? I searched for some help on google and browsed few topics here but nothing seemed to help. Any ideas how to fix that? I dont want to go back to 11.4.

Gnome or KDE? 32 or 64 bit? Desktop or notebook? More info, please.

From where did you install? I have it working nicely from this repo in a netbook with HD6310 AMD Vision graphics, oS 12.1 and KDE 4.8.

Did you check catalyst settings? There’s a “tear-free desktop” setting that might help.

If on KDE there is also an option for “Low performance CPU with high resolution graphics” in system-settings>Appearance>Style>Fine tuning.

Are you using openGL composite or Xrender? Xrender is slower.

what i did to improve the responsiveness of the desktop is go to Configure Desktop > desktop effects > Tab advanced and disable Use OpenGL2 Shaders… also at PowerPlay I set both on battery and AC to Maximum Performance

Gnome or KDE? Gnome

32 or 64 bit? 64 bit

Desktop or notebook? ** Notebook**

From where did you install? ISO downloaded from the openSUSE site

Sorry I responded to the wrong thread.

32bit desktop with KDE: 4.7.2 (4.7.2) “release 5”. Got it from link. Enabling or disabling tear-free desktop doesnt change anything. Tried to set “High display resolution and Low CPU” but it didint change anything (I even tried to restart after that). I’m using openGL. Tried to use sax3 for configuration but it seems to be broken, upon launching it I’m only getting a blank square and cant configure anything.

You got the ATI driver from that link? I am sorry just found an openSUSE.iso but no ATI driver.

Whoops, thats the link I got OS from.
Got graphics drivers from here.