Problem with gnome programs finding fonts

Out of my depth as usual. I’m trying to use a pair of programs that were developed for the Gnome interface on a 64-bit machine running openSUSE 11.2 with the KDE interface. However much of the gnome support has been installed.

Both of these had to be compiled from source for this machine, though the sundry authors had different favorite design systems so one is built using make tools and the other with jam. That probably doesn’t matter. The builds and installs seem to work okay and without error, and both programs run for a while, but eventually they reach a call to display something on the screen using a given font, and then die with messages like this:

fatal: gli_get_system_font: no matching file for Bitstream Charter:style=Roman

or this:

fatal: gli_get_system_font: no matching file for LinLibertine_Re

Now here’s the thing, I’ve had at least one of these running on another, very similar system, so I don’t think the problem is any fundamental Gnome/KDE/openSUSE incompatibility. I think it’s some local configuration error I’ve made on this machine. Does this suggest to anyone something I should check?

Oh. Should have mentioned that I believe both programs have their desired fonts bundled in in some fashion, though I suppose I could be wrong. One, however, has a whole obvious subdirectory full of font files in the source code.



Are all the fonts installed in /usr/share/fonts directory, if truetype
down in there? If not I would create a ~/.fonts directory if it doesn’t
exist. Copy the fonts into this directory and run the command fc-cache
to update your local font cache.

Else your probably going to have to try strace or gdb to see whats up.

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