problem with Gnome power manager

Hey guys,

   Recently I shifted to Open Suse11 from Ubuntu just for fun.In suse I was stuck with a strange error .Whenever I login to suse a small msg saying that 

“INSTALL PROBLEM! Your configuration defaults for Gnome power manager have not been installed properly.Please contact system administrator”

appears on the rightend screen of my lap.This message also appears when I use vlc 0.9.4(and others) .When I click on computer icon (usually present on taskbar),menu doesnt appear and there are quite a lot of other problems also .

I formatted my system twice and I am facing similar problem again and again.i.e.,not just after installation of suse but after installing packages(I INSTALLED SAME SET OF MANY PACKAGES EVERY TIME) .Is it due to any bug in suse or incompatability of any package??I uninstalled vlc and tried but of no use!! plz help me

Thanks in advance.