Problem with Firefox upgrade to 3.5.5

I was using FireFox 3.0.15 and decided to upgrade to 3.5.5

So I downloaded the archive and extracted it to /usr/lib64/firefox where 3.0.15 was installed.

Now I seem to have a slightly mixed firefox. The Help/About says I’m still using 3.0.15, but the Page Back/Reload/Home have no icons and the Tabs have a kind of grey O which only appears when you hover over where the X used to be.

In the Help, there is no Check for Updates, is that only in the Windows version?

All my extensions/addons are gone. So it looks like its using a new profile, but all my bookmarks are still there.

What to do to get this working properly as 3.5.5 with all my extensions/addons working?

sounds like you might have borked it a bit , instead of having to go through that process, try adding this repository and updating if you still can. Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

Is there anything wrong with this link. I get an error when trying to add this repository?

Probably a typo. You can find it in the community repos option when adding a new repository in Yast.

I must be extremely obtuse today. I don’t find it in the community repositories either. I have added 2 repositories. Main (Non-OSS) and openSUSE-Buildservice-Mozilla (or some thing similar) but non of them offer me Firefox 3.5.5 for download.

Anyone else have any ideas?

You may want to check the repo priorities. If mozilla has lower priority (i.e., larger number, 99 is the standard I think) and updates is, say, 98 or lower, then Yast software manager will preselect the updates package. Of course, you can override this in the versions tab, marking the package version you want.

Typically you dont go to the friefox website like you do in windows in linux, typically we use repositories.
You may wish to try the mozilla repository:
Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.1

firefox 3.5.5 is in that repo, you can also install it “the windows way” with that link too, just choose your architecture (32bit, 64bit) and you will be fine.

I only see Firefox 3.0.15 in that repository. No 3.5.5. Could that be because I have a mixed system and it thinks I have 3.5.5 already, even though Help says it’s 3.0.15. If so. How to fix?

It prefers 3.0.x because update repo priority is higher (smaller number) than mozilla repo.

Supposing you did include the mozilla repo correctly, you can choose what version to install by clicking it in the versions tab in Yast>Software manager.

Please take the time to look it thoroughly, it should become clear to you then.

Ok. It was a bit scrappy, but I uninstalled 3.0.15. This showed me that 3.5.5 was available to install. So I installed it. Had a couple of errors with the uninstall/install. But it seems to be working now, although the FireFox loading appears to be quite slow. Now it looks like I have 3.5.5 installed, but Help About doesn’t show a screen and X to logout isn’t working. There may be more, but that’s what I’ve noticed so far.

Also, the icons I mentioned before are missing again. And “%u -profilemanager” doesn’t seem to work either.

Sorry for the late reply. After several uninstalls and reinstalls I think I have 3.5.5 installed. As far as I can tell, all the icons are there. The only thing which doesn’t appear to work is Help About shows nothing. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time everything else is working correctly.