Problem with encryption with Evolution

Hi, I’m having some problems connecting to an email account within Evolution.

It is provided by a company named HostingSolutions, and the settings to be used are explained here

This is the error that I get when trying to sync it:

Failed to connect account “”.
The reported error was “Error performing TLS handshake: The operation was cancelled due to user error”.

It seems that there is a problem with the encryption method, the options that I can select are “No encryption”, “TLS on a dedicated port” and “STARTTLS after connecting”. The guide explicitly states to use SSL, and i.e., with other clients (I’ve tried Thunderbird and Kmail) there is an option “SSL/TSL” that works correctly; apparently Evolution doesn’t let me select SSL.

What am I doing wrong? Is there really no way to select just SSL?

I’m not an “evolution” user. And I don’t have an account at HostingSolutions to test. But I think the option that you need is “TLS on a dedicated port”.

I tried setting up an account with “evolution” and it was able to automatically set it up based on my email address. It used “TLS on a dedicated port”. If I were to use Thunderbird for that address, it would use SSL/TLS.

At least give that a try.

“TLS on a dedicated port” is exactly what I’m using, and it gives me that error.

Then I’m not sure what is happening. But I think it means that the host site is using an older version of SSL that evolution is no longer supporting.

I have the same problem. Thunderbird works fine but evolution fails TLS handshake. Evolution was working fine until I ran “zypper dup” a couple of days ago.

Tumbleweed: 20180920
Evolution: 3.28.5-2.1

The odd thing is that until a couple of updates ago it was working fine, I noticed this problem only since a few days. And it was set to “TLS on a dedicated port”, and working.

There have been moves to remove support for older SSL methods which are now considered insecure. For a while they were marked as deprecated, but still supported. More recently some software has removed that support. Perhaps “evolution” has removed that support.

I don’t really know if this case is about older methods, but removing compatibility does not seem like a very good choice. Anyway, I’ll try to find a solution, like I said other clients are working fine; I opted for Evolution because it worked better for me and I preferred its features over other’s, but if the account isn’t going to work, these considerations are pointless. It is a pity.

One of the latest updates seems to have fixed this issue, I can correctly access that particular email account now.

I’m glad you have it working again. And thanks for reporting back with that update.

Thanks to you, for your support.