Problem with EFI installation

Ok…at this point I really need help, so here we go

Before install:

Before installing suse my computer was only with a just installed Windows 7 (on a EFI/GPT system), with other partition, this for my files.
I prepared a 50Gb for “/”, and a 2Gb SWAP partitions


Suse showed an error, that was not able to read the partition table, but I selected the 50 Gb partition, and installed, it worked

After install:

When rebooting, WIndows was gone, GRUB didn’t show the Windows entry.

What I know is that having a dual boot is a huge problem when having a EFI/GPT system, I tried to put a MBR partition table, but it was useless because I reinstalled Windows 7 from a DVD (so restored the EFI/GPT)

I tired adding the WIndows entry, but is useless, grub is not showing it, I don’t know how to explain this, I did a lot of things to make suse to work, please hel me :’(

Actually dual boot should be much more easier on UEFI system. Bootloader is simply a file in system partition. This way each OS can have own bootloader without conflicting with each other. No overwritten MBR, no problem with embedding, no problem with block lists … far, far easier.

Now openSUSE installer may get it wrong, but that is different story. Or you may have booted in BIOS mode instead of UEFI mode. It is not possible to say without knowing more details. I suspect the latter.

I tired adding the WIndows entry
On UEFI systems you normally have UEFI boot menu; if you installed in UEFI mode, I would expect it has two entries, one for Windows, one for openSUSE. If you installed in BIOS mode, I do not think you will be able to boot Windows 7 anyway.