Problem with DVD-drive with multimedia data


I am new to Linux and I have a problem with my DVD-drive. I have installed all the codecs with the one klick installer.
Normal Data CD’s and DVD’s can be read. -But Audio CD’s can’t be read. Not in Dolphin and not in Amarok. Seems like there would be no media in the drive.
In contrast Video DVD’s are shown in Dolphin, but cant’t be played in VLC nor in Kaffeine: Message: "DVDread could not open Disk “/dev/sr0”. "

And if i copy a *.wav-file to my usb-stick (on another computer), opensuse can read an play the file.
Various videos from my hard drive (mpeg4, avi) can be played without problems.

Probably I just have a problem with the rights my dvd-drive??

Thanks a lot for helping!

Try adding yourself to the same group the device belongs (usually group “disk”). This has some security implications, however. This issue has been a topic in many many posts, you may want to do a search.