Problem with devede

The disk i have cannot store the file i am trying to burn, because, it’s to big. Thus, I need to make it so that it splits it on to 2 disks, or more, however many it needs.
The problem is, how to i get devede to do that? i cant find an option whioch allows me to do that

Not possible.

Just how much free space do you have? maybe this will free some up.
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I understand that ‘disk’ is meant for ‘DVD±R’? Looks like it’s a high quality MPEG.

Rerun Devede, and make sure you have the ‘4,7GB’ dvd option open, hit ‘Adjust disc usage’ !!. Don’t burn the file to disk, pick Utilities, Burn Image to disk.

You could also use Kdenlive to cut the MPEG into pieces