Problem with Dell Wireless 1390 minicard on Inspiron 640M

I was a hardcore windows guy her, trying to make the switch and having a time of it. I just downloaded and installed Suse 13.1 fresh and everything works except for the wireless.

If I go into the ‘Network management settings’, the wired shows fine and works without issue. However, the WIRELESS is grayed out Cant even select it.

My hardware information shows the WIRELESS 1390 WLAN MINI-CARD and the drivers are ACTIVE: YES.

Any help please? I have looked and looked with no luck.

Perhaps it’s hardware blocked? Try running

sudo rfkill list

Does the laptop have a Wireless Enable button or FN+<SomeKey> that enables the wireless?

Thank you for the quick reply. When I type said line I get;

sudo: rfkill: command not found

I am typing this in the Terminal app & have also tried in the Superuser Temrinal.

I am looking into the hotkey issue, but so far does not look like the issue. I press the hotkey and no change.

That just means you don’t have it installed, so let’s install it:

sudo zypper in rfkill

Also it might be a good idea to look at the results of


and the logfile /var/log/messages to see if there is anything related to wlan or wireless.

There is also the chance that the drivers are installed but the firmware is not - a quick Google says the card is based on the bcm43xx hardware - this would mean you need the b43-firmware from the Packman repository for it to work.

Ok, I think I got it working. Found instructions to add the PACKMAN repository and then search for BM43, installed it and viola! works.

Oddly, when I choose to SCAN wireless, it can not find any networks, but if I add it manually, it works.