Problem with Create Persistent USB

I have a problem with creating a live opensuse usb drive with persistent data.
I follow this instruction to create a usb drive.
And this happens everytime:

  1. Use **imagewriter **on an opensuse to create a bootable usb drive (16GB) using official **OpenSUSE 12.3 Live-KDE iso.
    **2. I boot with the usb drive and use kw_hybridpersistent=yes argument in the grub.
  2. Create a folder on the desktop (of live opensuse).
  3. restart
  4. either using kw_hybridpersistent=yes argument or not, the folder on the desktop will disappear.

Any suggestion?

On 2013-03-21 04:46, xldrx wrote:
> Any suggestion?


Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.1 x86_64 “Asparagus” at Telcontar)

Probably no consolation to you mate, but I’ve never had any success with kiwi’s hybrid persistent setting saving a live usb stick’s current state, and believe me I googled the subject and tried & tried until blue in the face on more than one occasion

If it’s just files & folders you’re concerned about though you could probably just save them to a separate partition on the usb stick

Might even be possible to create an ‘on the fly’ user who’s home dir is on that separate partition and that user’s data and settings ‘should’ then be preserved at the next boot. It would mean recreating the user with the ‘preserved’ homedir at each boot but that would only be a minor inconvenience and might suffice as a workaround if you can’t get the kiwi persistence working. It’s something I thought of trying myself a couple of times but never got round to as I rarely use a (standard) live opensuse usb stick

If you want a live usb media with other than the default software installed you could try making your own customised live usb using Suse Studio, this is something I have played with a lot with some excellent results. In fact the deskop machine I’m posting this from was installed from an iso I created on Suse Studio, this allowed me to have a system with apps I regularly use pre-installed and apps etc I don’t use removed before it’s even installed resulting in a much less bloated kde (no akonadi or other such annoyances!), but more usable to me because it comes with all the apps I want/need ‘out of the box’. A live usb can of course be made using the exact same iso

I even made one on Suse Studio once with a small music collection included for listening to while using the live media. Suse Studio wouldn’t solve your persistence issue but it might be interesting for you to look at and perhaps end up with a live usb media more suited to your taste