Problem with compiz cube-caps not scaling correctly

I’m trying to get my cube caps working correctly after installing 11.2. My problem is that the images do not scale or display in the original size. If I have an image that’s 1600X1200 when you look at the cap it displays it as if it’s much larger and cuts off the top and bottom of the image. I can scale the image using gimp to ½ is original size and the smaller image has the same problem. I tried all the options under '”Cube reflection and Deformation”- Behavior. But none of them see to help… If anyone has any ideas thanks in advance.

Personally. I always uncheck the scaling option as it never got any of my images right either. To do that click in the Cube Reflection and Deformation, then under the Cube Caps tab choose Behavior. Uncheck scale top image and then also uncheck the scale bottom image. Or else you could also try playing with those adjust image options too.

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I already have the scaling option turned off and yes that really does make things worse. Turning that on does make it so it does show the top and bottom of an image but it also make the image very wide. My wife really doesn’t like the way she looks when she’s stretched that wide.