Problem with changing KDM4 theme

In OpenSUSE 11.4, I changed my KDM4 theme to KStarboard. All works well except the fact that the background on the login screen is broken into vertical lines just like the original OpenSUSE KDM theme. Is this hardcoded somehow or just a consequence of problems with resolution? My resolution is 1366x768.

There are long-standing bugs (since 2007 :frowning: ) with the kdm theme selector. See this thread and the bug report. Did you change the theme through KDE systemsettings -> Login Screen or through YaST -> System -> /etc/sysconfig Editor -> Desktop -> display manager?

YaST -> System -> /etc/sysconfig Editor -> Desktop -> display manager worked for me.
Any changes in KDE systemsettings -> Login Screen were completely ignored.

I managed the change everything, even bootsplash with mkinitrd and GRUB theme by repacking the /boot/messages file. All those more complicated changes work but KDM theme doesn’t work even though it requires only a change in sysconfig.