Problem With Booting In

Alright, so I have been experimenting with different Linux Distros and seeing as all of them (including the ‘perfect’ Ubuntu) failed me miserably, I decided to try openSUSE. Not only did it install correctly, but I can also dual-boot CORRECTLY right out of the box. I figured to myself that I found the right distro for me. Alas, I still have problems; I shouldn’t have talked so soon. It’s a really weird…I don’t want to say ‘error’ but for lack of a better term, I’ll say ‘error’. Basically, computer loads into GRUB and then I choose openSUSE 11.1 to load up and it shows the splash screen for a little, but then when it’s almost done loading, it switches over to a full-screen console then asks me to log in. First I said okay and I put in my user name and password, then it said ‘have fun’ or something and then it just stays in the console; I don’t boot into my desktop or anything. What happened? Did something go wrong? I just restarted my computer after installing updates and then disaster strikes me yet again. Linux must really not like me or something.

Once you login and it says have fun, type this: startx

see what happens
If it fails

Reboot, login, then type su followed by root password. Now type

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
(N.B That’s a Zero=vesa)

Then type reboot
try normal login, if necessary type startx

report back

Alright, thanks a a bunch. I got my system working now after doing the sax2 command. I’m not out of the woods yet though, but at least I got over the initial hurdle. Thank you.

Might have to install proprietary drivers now e.g. Nvidia or ATI need to be installed if you have either of those cards


ATI - openSUSE