Problem with bluetooth on Tumbleweed Gnome


I can turn the bluetooth on-off, seeing the available devices, but cant connect anything. The device trying to connect for a couple of second, but then nothing happens. And if it does then the device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting rapidly until I turn off the bluetooth.

I want to use the mb bluetooth, i have an ASRock A520M ITX board with Intel Wireless-AC 3168 bluetooth.
Tried multiple devices, tried with a TP-Link UB500 dongle too, tried with a couple of live distros (Leap, Debian, Fedora, Mint), but the problem was always the same.

Any ideas what is the problem and how could i make it work?


Before delving into error analysis I have a little remark from a forum of a different distro with similar issues:

It sounds a bit weird but could you try to power down, unplug the power supply and just wait until the capacitors are out of power before turning it back on? I think somethink like 30 minutes or so should be by far enough.