Problem with Auto-detection of my printer in openSUSE 11.1

Hi All,

Can anybody help me with this issue :

I have two pc`s . one i have installed it with openSUSE 11.1 and another with openSUSE 11.2. When i connect my printer HP Laserjet to 11.2 it get automatically configured, while when i connect the same printer to 11.1 it will not get automatically configured. I will have to use hp-setup tool to setup my printer . When i googled i collected some information that 11.2 version uses udev-configure-printer to automatically setup the printer whereas in 11.1 i did not find it. What changes that i will have to make in 11.1 to setup my printer automatically…?

Thanks in advance

In 11.1 the quickest way is to use hp-setup.

To answer your question properly, what changes you have to make to 11.1 to setup the printer automatically: change it to 11.2, you know that works.

You could also make the 11.1 machine do it’s printing via the 11.2 machine, by entering the 11.2 one’s IP address as the CUPS server to use, but that would require the 11.2 one to be on to do printing.

Hi… Thanks for that quick reply. It works fine when i did as you said. I want to know what is preventing my printer to be automatically get configured in openSUSE 11.1. Without upgrading my pc having 11.1 to 11.2 what changes i have to make in 11.1 so that my printer gets detected automatically without using hp-setup. Is there any problem with the hal backend of the cups ? Because when i use the command “lpinfo -v” my printer is detected by USB and HP but not HAL. Please help me with this regard.

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