Problem with Audio Players on the Netbook

Opensuse 11.4 Asus 1000H Netbook

When attempting to play Audio form a portable CD player (attached via USB) I cannot get Amarok, or Kaffeine or Vlc to work as they should.
I would like to use Amarok. It does not read the portable CD player attached to the Netbook. And I have difficulty managing its windows with the touchpad. Some things may be concealed - I am not sure. How does the touchpad move window borders I wonder ?
Kaffeine seems to load an individual audio track from the cd. When I hit next it stops. I can see the tracks in the media window - bottom left hand - but cannot seem to get them into the play window with the touchpad.
Vlc on the other hand will load and display all of the tracks on a CD. It plays all of the tracks but some times audio will not be present - even when playing. It displays a log saying “cannot load pre buffer” or something similar.
I am aware of selecting the correct device node for the players - /dev/sr0 or in some cases /dev/sr1 needs to be selected. Despite this I still get the above issues.
Has anyone come across these problems ?

To select a window use alt+F7 or press the alt key then use you mouse (touchpad) and left-click once selected you can release the alt key.

Unfortunately I use gnome and totem and my netbook plays fine via USB :frowning: