Problem with audio on my husbands computer

I guess I pop this here, my husband has been using openSUSE on the side and well he has an unusual error.
Now the issue is not with the sound card, I know its not as sound does work…
But only after I turn off Mute.
Yeh for some weird reason every time he pops on openSUSE and logs in the master volume is muted thus no sound.
We turn it on, he shuts down his system, then when he turns on openSUSE again audio still mutes.
We played with the session manager, turning session saving on and off, played with settings…
This is on a KDE 4.3 openSUSE 11.1 install, 32bit kernel

This is a known buggy feature which bothers me NOT as I always have sound on mute. I suggest looking at the Bug reports.
Some users seem to be OK now, others Not.

Well it is kinda annoying, I hope it gets resolved soon in any case.

I didn’t spend much time looking:

Guess you could check at kde bugs too

Alright I dumped pulse off the system, see if it helps