Problem with Amarok 2

Hi… Today I installed Amarok 2 because the standard version of Amarok in openSUSE 11.1 (KDE 4.1) had some problem with the sound. The MP3 sound was very bad… So now I can’t manage to add music to Amarok 2. I get this error in the konsole while I’m trying to add my library:

link XMLID_9_ hasn’t been detected!
Couldn’t resolve property: linearGradient3563
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KDE Bug 178006

OK… so this is an KDE 4 bug… Well I’ve remove Amarok 2 and I’ve installed again the Amarok 1.4.10 but I get bad quality when I play MP3 files. I need to put the Amarok volume to 20% so I can have no sound crash :\ … and does not play m4a files :frowning:

I found the same Amarok audio quality problem. XMMS worked as a substitute (Packman repository), but the interface is really primitive and a pain to use. So, I found Audacious which is an improvement on XMMS (at least you can include a music source directory with lots of sub-directories with a single command) and it sounds good. Its still only a slightly less primitive interface, but unlike Amarok at least I can listen to mp3s on it.

If you’re looking for a temporarily replacement, take a look at JuK.
It’s in the packman repository, doesn’t handle a lot of non-oss formats though.

In amarok I’ve always had a nasty distortion after applying a change, any change… so maybe it works the other way around for you and applying any change will fix it? Though you prolly tried more than just one to get it working.

Reporting bugs on 1.4 seems quite useless btw, I always get the reaction “We are focusing on 2.0” and then the report is closed.

I think I better stay with Banshee

I had problems with sound in Amarok but once I removed all the pulseaudio rpm’s everything sounded good.

After reading the AussieBob post (thanks), I thought I would try reinstalling Amarok 1.4.10. Since I have packman as a repository it showed the packman version as the most recent Amarok. However, when I selected it one of the libtune… libraries failed the dependency check and the resolver gave me the option to switch to the packman repository (I kind of thought I was already using packman). After the resolver switched to packman, the library dependency went away.

I had already manually selected this package (I don’t know if selecting the packman repository would have automatically selected this one or not):
amarok-packman - Metapackage to install Amarok from the Packman repository:

A metapackage that explicitly requires and installs the Packman builds of Amarok, that are uncrippled
and contain MySQL as well as PostgreSQL as collection databases. It also installs the uncrippled
Xine package from Packman, that supports all codecs and formats.

Anyway, my Amarok audio problem is cured and I didn’t have to remove any pulseaudio. It must be non-oss gremlins in the standard repository Amarok distribution ;)!

Mike - Gald you got there in the end. Happy listening :slight_smile: