problem with 3 Ethernets when the problem one is alx (onboard nic)

the onboard nic (alx) won’t allow the other two to work.
even if i set a different gateway when the Wan is disconnected from the router that connected to the alx i have no internet.
i do have a access to the ip’s other pc’s from the alx and the other two nic’s.

i tried to open the firewall and even canceled it - didn’t work.

if i do the same thing on my other pc’s also have three nic’s with the some opensuse’s it work fine so i guess the alx onboard is the one who create the problem.

now i do need the alx because the internal gigabyte network need and must work on the alx nic.

i tried to compile , make and make install the alx driver from link but i get error code 2, the ssh is block so i can’t copy the log from the other pc with the problem. note: the driver has been helpful before to fix this problem,but not this time - before usually the alx didn’t work at all before i installed the driver on the opensuse 13.1/2 64bit.

i can’t not use the alx because it is onboard and all the pci-e and pci and in used already.

i installed kernel-source & kernel-syms and all the compile packages when i installed the dvd of 13.1-64bit and with the dvd of 13.2-64 bit.

i’m working with opensuse 13.1 64bit and 13.2 64bit on all the pc’s and this fefine work great on the rest of the nic’s and pc’s and linux distributions and the alx had problems before and not just with the opensuse.

Anything is possible because you’ve given no hard info.
At the moment though, I’m going to wildly guess that your subnetting is the issue.

For each and every machine in your network (working or not)

ip addr
ip route

From the above,
I’d assume that any address with a particular subnet <should> be physically on the same network (ie use same switch or hub most likely) as other machines configured with the same subnet.

I’d also assume that every machine in a same subnet should be pointing to the same default gateway.

Although the results I requested should indicate, it would also be helpful to re-iterate which addresses are DHCP clients and which are being manually configured.