Problem when exiting hibernation (waking up)

Installed Leap 42.2 yesterday on my Acer laptop, exited to be using OpenSuse once again (had to use Windows cause’ of university). The problem occurs after opening the lid of the laptop. It’s just frozen. Sometimes only the mouse doesn’t work, other times it’s a black screen. Last time it was just the mouse working. The only “fix” i have found is to turn off hibernation via the power management when closing the laptop. Never had this problem in 42.1 or previous versions, so i blame the current one. Sorry if i missed posting some data, that you may need.

I am experiencing exactly the same problem with the touchpad not working. Maybe we should open a bug on this. And it is only on 42.2 I am experiencing it as well.


After updgrade to leap 42.2 I had the same problem. It was caused by SWAP being too small. ( the SWAP device is where the hibernated state is stored)

Solved it by enlarging the size of the SWAP device to twice the physical RAM size…

Somehow, Leap 41.1 appears to be less sensitive to the swap size.