problem: wacom intuos3 make Xserver reboot !

Impossible for me to make my wacom intuos 3 working on opensuse, when i approach the pen from tablet the xserver reboot (like ctrl+alt+backspace) !!!

I’m a bit disappointed because i’m try now for month to make it work, without positive issues.

Can someone help with a sort of personnal step by step?

I try so many different method that i don’t even know what i’ve done :(, i need someone patient to start over the thing with me.

thank you.

opensuse 11.0/ X64/ gnome or kde

I don’t know if you’re even working on this anymore, but here is my experience. I’ve had the same problem before and what worked for me was adding dkukawka’s repositories. Index of /repositories/home:/dkukawka/openSUSE_11.1

I updated all of my components to what’s in that and made sure my config matched what is detailed in the Wacom USB faq.

That fixed my problems.