Problem using YasT on a new (and first time linux) install

Hello all, sorry to bother if this post has been posted before. I did my best to search through a few pages but honestly have no clue what I’m looking for as an answer to my question so I had no choice but to make a new post. My problem is this . . . I’ve gotten a hold of a current SuSE iso and burned it to DVD. I’ve installed it on a new laptop I intend to use for school and have checked the media and checksums with no errors.

Now the current problem is this, I’m trying to set up configurations for my wireless and wired network settings and all the walkthroughs I’ve been pointed to require me to use YasT to install some software to help me out with newer intel onboard wireless drivers. Every time I try and install these drivers that are supposed to be included on my release of SuSE, it says that it cannot recognize the installation DVD that I used to successfully install SuSE on the system with. I continually try to retry or eject the disc and reinsert with no success.

I realize I am leaving out a decent amount of data that you all probably need to help me troubleshoot this, but my problem is that I am so new I don’t have the slightest what information is going to be important and what isn’t. So if you all could be patient with me and point me in the direction of the information you need I would most appreciate it.

Thanks so much in advance for any help I get here and thanks again in advance for patience.


What openSUSE version is this?

If 11.1 (and 11.0) you can plug your laptop into a wired connection, then go to YaST > Software > Software Repositories, disable the CD/DVD as a repository, and then then setup (if not already setup) and use the OSS repository, that has the same content as the DVD.

Ok taking as much information from that as I can I’ll try what you just mentioned, although I will add I am currently hooked up to a wired connection on the laptop while I’m writing this and it will not let me set up a wired connection either. I have no internet connection that will work on that laptop currently whatsoever.

Wired connection should “just work”. What openSUSE version is this?

I’m running SuSE 11.1 right now.

Did you go to YaST > Network Devices > Network settings

and check the config of your network device. Be very cautious there, and IF you change anything, take notes so you can put things back if necessary.

Having typed that, this should not be necessary. Your wired network should “just work”. Are you certain you do not have a hardware problem? Bad cable? Bad ethernet connection jack on the wall ?

Well I’m currently going to change out the ethernet cable I had been using for one I currently know works 100 percent as it’s connected and working on another device, I’ll update with some hardware information and if that specific change fixed the issues. I’ll be in touch, thank you so much for the help so far and if there is any other hardware information you need, hollar at me about it and I’ll track it down if I can figure out how to do it, as I said this is my first linux install and I have little knowledge about it . . . trying to pick up on it as best as possible.


So to update, I’ve connected my laptop to working ethernet source and still have no luck with the wired “just working” when I go into the network manager on Yast it says that my wired ethernet port is “not configured”


OK, then recording settings as you go, try to configure it.

Its very rare that wired does not “just work”. What laptop hardware/model are you using?

The Laptop model is an Acer Aspire 5810T, part of the new timeline series. It’s brand new and before I switched it to linux last night the ethernet card and the wireless were working fine under Windows Vista 64 bit.


Is there any possibility this problem with the wired internet could correlate with the fact that I didn’t have an ethernet connected when I was doing the primary install of the OS?


That might have contributed to this. Still, going to YaST (as I described above) should allow a quick and easy configuration. Simply try to change as few default parameters as possible. If possible, accept all default parameters.

Well the problem is that I’m using KDE’s connection manager and any time I hop in YasT it says that I shouldn’t mess around with configurations since KDE’s manager is trying to do the same thing . . . should I disable KDE’s manager and try it manually?


Ok so currently anytime I try to do any configuring of my network I get the prompt that smpppd needs to be installed which leads me back to the fact that nothing will install off my OS disc, and I obviously can’t change the repositories to allow me to install it from there either. At this point is reinstalling the OS on the machine with an ethernet connected perhaps the next course of action?


How are you connecting to the Internet? Via a modem? or Via a router?

Through a router to that PC. I have a cable modem connected to a netgear router, connected to three PC’s


YaST should be able to configure this easily and semi-automatically. The default settings for wired should typically work.

But your laptop is brand new. I suppose its possible (but IMHO not too likely) that your chipset for your wired ethernet device is too new to be supported. IMHO its more likely it has not been properly configured yet.

Did you try applying the settings in YaST ?

Yes I did and every time I try to configure within YasT itself it says that I need to install smpppd which I cannot install because of aforementioned problems with yast not recognizing my install DVD. I cannot do any configuration within YasT because I need that install and I can’t do the install because YasT won’t recognize it on my DVD lol. I’m in quite a bind here everything I try gets met with something else I need to install which won’t install off the DVD.


Ok, then given its a fresh install, and given an install is very quick, try re-installing from your DVD, WITH your wired connection plugged in.

Alright I will try that and if for some reason that doesn’t work I’ll be back with more questions haha thank you SO much for you continued help through last night and today, hopefully I can get this all figured out soon, I enjoy Linux so far in total but this specific point is an issue as the majority of usability for me would be during school and on campus which doesn’t work without internet connection haha, thanks again.